Acid Krush Gold Sumatra Cigars - 4 x 32 (5 Tins of 10)

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ACID Krush Gold Sumatra cigarillos are a premium cigar brand from Nicaragua with a secret blend of herbs and botanicals, a nutty-tasting Sumatra wrapper, and Nicaraguan filler. The blend of exotic spices and tobacco offers a distinctive fusion of flavor that contemporary smokers have come to love.

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Joel46 Oct 22nd 2015

By far the best cigarillo of the bunch

It is hard to find such good quality tobaccos in this small format. Drew Estates has hit a home run with the bases loaded!!! I get more joy out of these little flavored cigars than many more expensive brands and 9 out of 10 my friends that I share them with really appreciate the flavor and the ladies always comment on the exotic aroma. If your looking for the same great smoke in a larger format try the Kuba Kuba!

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