Acid One Cigars - 5 x 54

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The ACID One is cloaked in a Cameroon wrapper that has been cask-aged for 90 days. Then this pigtailed Figurado is packed with choice Nicaraguan filler leaf. The final step includes the famous Drew Estate secret infusion of botanical herbs and essential oils. The result is a luscious synthesis of exotic flavors and a floral yet smoky aroma.

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AllenM Oct 22nd 2015

Mature Blondie

Until I smoked the One, the Blondie was my favorite Acid cigar. Now I have 2 favorites. The One is a sweet and mellow smoke like the Blondie, but there is more tobacco flavor and a longer burn. The one thing that I cannot abide in a cigar is a bitter aftertaste and the One had none. I literally smoked this blunt down to where I could have used roach clips to hold it. A magnificent, soothing, laid-back smoke!

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