Puro Sabor Toro Cigars - 6 x 50 (Single Stick)

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Puro Sabor Natural is a hand made Nicaraguan cigar which has an Ecuadoran grown Connecticut Seed Wrapper.  The binder and filler are both long leaf.  The binder comes from Esteli while the filler is a combination of tobacco’s from both Esteli and the Condega region of Nicaragua.


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Fly Oct 20th 2016

Great smoke and price

I like this cigar isn't trying to top the market or dupe consumers with a flashy label and a ridiculous name. The makers put it out as something mild-Med. That wouldn't break the bank. Having it here for $1 may be the best value I've seen in years. Slight bit of pepper but other than that zero harsh flavors. It starts to sweeten up a bit at the halfway point. And if your tastebuds havnt been blasted recently from a heavy complex smoke then you'll find many other nice mild flavors in here as well.

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