Saint Luis Rey Gen2 Toro Cigars - 6 x 54 (Single Stick)

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Size: 6x54

The next generation.

Saint Luis Rey is one of the few brands that continues to stand the test of time (it's a scientific fact). For over 70 years, it has firmly stood as one of the most recognizable cigar brands in the world. Now, it gets a taste of some different medicine, modernity. But unlike your Grandma who thinks she's hip because she finally bought a smart phone, Gen2 feels right. 

Boasting an all new formula from the blend to the packaging, the cigar all starts with the wrapper - an Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf harvested from the plant's upper most priming. Packed with nutrients, and boasting a lovely oily sheen, this toothy leaf conceals a proprietary blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers aged for three, patient years. This results in a profile that is best described as complex. Up front you're greeted with bold notes of leather and dried fruit. As the burn progresses, touches of earth, caramel, and chocolate also enter the fray.


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