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Backwoods can be described as favored domestic machine made cigar. The Backwoods Original Wild and Mild cigar is an infusion of all natural and homogenized tobacco with additive flavoring which is aimed at smokers who are generally looking for much more than just the flavor of tobacco within their cigars. To buy the freshest to choose from anywhere online, choose a few from TopHat today!


Reviews (2)

Loren C. Aug 18th 2015

Good value, but quality is lacking lately.

When these cigars can be smoked they are great, but unfortunately 1 out of every 10 or so cigars is not smokable due to it being wrapped too tightly or having a hole in the wrapper somewhere. Being a good deal & a quick smoke will keep me coming back though.

MGray Nov 13th 2012

Backwoods cigars = great value

I have smoked alot of mass produced cigars since the 1980s and these original Backwoods cigars are one of my favorite brands. They are a smooth cigar with a nice sweet taste, and for the $$ you can't beat these smokes. As an added bonus, I can share these backwoods with my poker buddies and not smell their cruddy cigars...

Additional Info

Additional Info

Length x Ring Gauge:
4.5 x 32
Number of Cigars:
Connecticut Broadleaf
Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
Puerto Rico