Boveda Humidipak 72 - %Two Way Humidity Control - 2 Pack

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2 Pack of Individually packaged Boveda 72% pouches
2-way humidity control, Accuracy of +/-2%
Eliminates bacteria, mold or mildew
Guaranteed constant level of humidity
Lasts 3 months in most humidors

Boveda's 2-way humidity control is the only technology that can be pre-formulated to a specific humidity level with an accuracy of +/-2%. Boveda guarantees a constant level of humidity that never fluctuates or cycles. It also eliminates bacteria, mold or mildew. You will never have to use distilled water or PG solution again. Use one packet for every 50 cigars your humidor can hold, plus one additional packet (for example, use 2 packets for a 50 cigar humidor, 3 packets for a 100 cigar humidor). Each set will last 3 months in most humidors.

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