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Rough Rider Sweets Churchill Cigars - 7 x 50 (Box of 25)

The golden brown and creamy smooth Churchill from Rough Rider Sweets is a cigar you can recommend to any kind of smoker that walks into your humidor. This is a mellow-bodied delight, equipped with a blend full of the best sweet flavors and a slow burn to...

Rough Rider Sweets Gordo Cigars - 6 x 60 (Box of 25)

When it comes to handmade cigars as good as Rough Rider Sweets, you want to maximize every note of the experience— and this hearty Gordo does just that! You won’t be able to get enough of this creamy and nutty mellow blend or its top-notch construction.

Rough Rider Sweets Lonsdale Cigars - 6 x 44 (Box of 25)

you are in for a long, sweet ride with the Rough Rider Sweets Lonsdale. This mellow-bodied cigar is as elegant as it is flavorful, with a sharp burn that accentuates every note of almonds, honey, and toasty cedar. Add this stick to your portfolio and...

Rough Rider Sweets Robusto Cigars - 5 x 50 (Box of 25)

The quality of the mellow-bodied Rough Rider Sweets Robusto is simply unmatched and it won’t be long before you take notice. In both taste and construction, this sweet cigar is a masterpiece— a slow-burning, full-flavored, super aromatic masterpiece!