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Buena Vista Corona - 5.1 x 46 Cigars (Box of 10)

The premium Buena Vista Corona, in a 10-count box, features a rustic, reddish brown wrapper that makes for the perfect presentation. Smooth aromatic and solidly built, its small stature intensifies its lush notes of sweet cedar, spice, coffee bean, and...

Buena Vista Prominente - 7 x 49 Cigars (Box of 10)

A big two-hour smoke, Buena Vista Prominente, in a box of 10,has a gorgeous reddish brown wrapper with no veins, which is oily and soft, and feels wonderful in the hand. This well-aged Churchill affords you plenty of time to enjoy its well-balanced...

Buena Vista Sublimes - 6.3 x 54 Cigars (Box of 10)

A fat and solidly packed Toro, the Buena Vista Sublimes is blended by professional Cuban born rollers in small batches assuring a top-quality smoke every time. Expect tons of complexity with every puff as flavors of chocolate, sweet cedar, coffee bean...