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Cusano 18 Maduro Cigars

This cigar is one of the most well-rounded, perfectly aged maduros on the market. As a welcomed surprise, the Cusano 18 packs a rich, hearty flavor that deliciously complements its mild-medium-bodied taste. Following in the footsteps of its successor – the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut – the 18 Maduro also managed to scoop up a 91-rating from Cigar Insider. The recognition is a clear testament to the brand’s dedication to consistency and craftsmanship. 

Aged to the ripe age of 18, the Cusano 18 line is famous for its uniquely complex Dominican filler tobaccos. And instead of a binder, this gem opts for two silky maduro wrappers. The outer is a dark, smooth US-grown Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, and the inner is a spicy Brazilian Mata Fina. 

The bold combination satisfies from the first draw to the last with natural nuances of coffee, nuts, and salt. Available at the right price, these beauties keep both beginners and aficionados coming back for more.

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