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Foundry Rare Air Cigars

Rare only in terms of the top-quality tobaccos within this brand's recipes, but not in the amount of cigar-smoking satisfaction sure to be enjoyed by enthusiasts of the edgy! Foundry Rare Air handmade premium cigars are the result of a years-long creative collaboration among the agricultural artisans at General Cigar, Michael Giannini's Foundry factory...and Mother Nature, whose sun, soil, and atmosphere united to unleash an unstoppable crop way back in the 1960s. With those vintage seeds, the innovative idea for Foundry Rare Air handmade premium cigars grew, and they're here today in an awesome (but limited) array of four undisclosed blends, each expertly crafted in the Dominican Republic to appeal to a unique breed of cigar buff.

If you're interested in buying intriguing cigars online to create a crazy collection in your home humidor, then you won't go wrong with the wide variety of styles in the limited-production Foundry Rare Air selection of handmade premium cigars. Be sure to grab 'em while you can...and prepare to play the best-tasting guessing game of your life.

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