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La Jugada Nunchuck Nunchuck Cigars - 7 x 54 (Box of 10)

The La Jugada Nunchuck is a cigar unlike any you've ever seen before. Designed to actually look like a set of nunchucks, the dual cigars are artfully conjoined by a thin strand of tobacco designed to be easily pulled apart when ready to smoke. Boasting a...

La Jugada Prieto Belicoso Cigars - 6.5 x 52 (Box of 20)

A beautifully shaped cigar, La Jugada Prieto Belicoso tantalizes your tastebuds with rich almond, cocoa, and caramel flavors. Mingling with the core flavors are subtle hints of pepper and other tangy spices, each adding a dose of complexity to this...

La Jugada Prieto Toro Cigars - 6 x 52 (Box of 20)

If you're looking for the perfect cigar to lounge with, consider La Jugada Prieto Toro. A rich and complex blend of flavors, it starts off with delectable notes of dark espresso and coffee, progressing with subtle hints of cedar and sweet cocoa notes...