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Montecristo 2000 Fer de Lance Cigars - 5 x 44 (Box of 20)

The Montecristo 2000 Fer de Lance is as close to Cuban as your humidor can get! Handmade with well-aged, premium ingredients from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Peru, this milk chocolate colored gem is a top-quality ode to authentic Cuban...

Montecristo 2000 Magnum Tube Cigars - 6 x 50 (Box of 20)

Leave it to Montecristo to provide another champion premium cigar: the Montecristo 2000 Magnum Tube. This handmade beauty is the perfect full-flavored addition to your humidor’s portfolio. Nestled beneath the milk chocolate Habano 2000 is a four-nation...

Montecristo 2000 Taj Mahal Cigars - 8.5 x 50 (Box of 10)

The Montecristo 2000 Taj Mahal is certainly a wonder. Handmade by the legendary artisans of Montecristo, this unique blend is brimming with well-aged tobaccos from Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and dressed in the exquisite Habano 2000 wrapper...