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Nub Cafe Espresso Tubo Cigars - 4.75 x 30 (Box of 20)

This premium offering from Oliva resides inside an aromatic cedar-lined tube and packaged in a box of 20. Smaller in stature than the classic Nub, this delightful after dinner smoke will soothe your senses with the lush dessert flavor of dark roast...

Nub Cafe Macchiato Cigars - 4 x 60 (Box of 20)

The robust flavor of espresso and deliciously soothing frothy milk combined with premium Dominican tobacco create a smoking experience like no other. Flavor fanciers of this type of coffee-infused cigars have crowned this 20-count box of Nub Cafe...

Nub Nuance Seasonals 4 X 60 Cigars - 4 x 60 (Box of 20)

Made to warm the spirit and soothe the senses during the winter months, Nub Nuance Seasonals Winter Blend 4 x 60 cigars are a seasonal blend that you aficianados can enjoy any time of year. With an aroma of mint brownies, and flavors of dark roast coffee...