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OG OSOK Carnalito Cigars - 4.5 x 52 (Box of 10)

After you are done saying, “How the heck did Edgar roll such a beautiful cigar” it will be time to smoke it-and boy are you in for a treat! This distinctive Honduran puro not only looks like it belongs in a museum, it delivers a bevy of robust and spicy...

OG OSOK Malandro Cigars - 8 x 60 (Box of 10)

Is it a pyramid or a perfecto? Who the heck knows, what we can tell you is that the popular OG OSOK Malandro is one of the most flavorful and unique cigars that you will ever smoke. Every puff on this massive 8 x 60 Honduran puro placates the palate with...

OG OSOK Patan Cigars - 6.5 x 50 (Box of 10)

Visually stunning, the popular OG OSOK Patan is an impressive double figurado with a light brown wrapper that is seamless and silky smooth to the feel. Beyond its visual appeal, this all Honduran (puro) 6 x 50 is bursting with a complex mosaic of robust...