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Padilla Criollo-98 Robusto Cigars - 5 x 54 (Box of 20)

Padilla Criollo-98 Robusto is a true work of art, thanks to its age-old Cuban method of Entubar rolling and then triple capping every cigar. Well balanced and very complex, this 5 x 54 features a tasty Honduran Criollo ’98 wrapper, and Nicaraguan...

Padilla Criollo-98 Toro Cigars - 6 x 52 (Box of 20)

The old Cuban method of Entubar rolling, and fitting each cigar with a triple cap, assures you that every Padilla Criollo-98 Toro will burn beautifully, remain firm, and offer optimum flavor.  Well balanced, and very complex, this 6 x 52 features a tasty...