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Torano Exodus 1959 Robusto Cigars - 5 x 52 (Box of 24)

Torano Exodus 1959 Robusto is a medium-to full flavored top-quality smoke commemorating the Exodus of the leading Cuban cigar families from their native Cuba. These vitolas are made with carefully chosen Honduran, Dominican, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and...

Torano Exodus 1959 Toro Cigars - 6 x 50 (Box of 24)

Torano Exodus 1959 Toro is a beautifully square pressed premium cigar with a reddish brown Habano wrapper and carefully selected filler tobaccos from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The finished product is medium to full body...

Torano Vault A-008 Toro Cigars - 6 x 50 (Box of 20)

The Vault A-008 Toro, in a box of 20, derives its spicy woodsy flavor from a zesty shade-grown Nicaraguan wrapper and aged Nicaraguan filler that are reinforced with two binders. Adding a second binder leaf grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Ometepe,...

Torano Vault C-033 Gordo Cigars - 6 x 60 (Box of 20)

Torano Vault C-033 Gordo is a popular premium handmade cigar that is also happens to be one of the most unique blends on the market right now. Stuffed to the brim with well-aged Broadleaf and Nicaraguan fillers, this hefty Mexican San Andrea...

Torano Vault C-033 Robusto Cigars - 5 x 50 (Box of 20)

If you’re looking for a top-quality, unique addition to your portfolio, look no further! The Torano Vault C-033 Robusto is a premium handmade cigar that boasts an unmatched flavor profile and immaculate construction. Packed into this full-bodied beauty,...

Torano Vault D-042 BFC Cigars - 6 x 60 (Box of 18)

BFC, in boxes of 18, is a big bold smoke with a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania broadleaf long fillers, dressed in an oily dark Ecuador Habano wrapper. This full-bodied gem from Torano will quickly become one of your everyday smokes!

Torano Vault D-042 Toro Cigars - 6 x 50 (Box of 20)

Torano Vault Robusto, in boxes of 20, contains heavy long fillers from Nicaragua, a dark and oily Ecuador Habano wrapper, and a very special binder from the volcanic soil of the Ometepe region. The result is a top quality full-bodied smoke that is simply...

Torano Vault P-044 Gordo Cigars - 6 x 60 (Box of 20)

The Torano Vault P-044 Gordo is sure to be a heavyweight in your humidor. This medium to full-bodied force boasts a unique and flavorful profile, true to signature Torano excellence. Stuffed to the brim with Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers, and...

Torano Vault P-044 Robusto Cigars - 5 x 50 (Box of 20)

Torano Vault P-044 expands its popular, top-quality line with the Robusto, and you can expand your humidor with its unbeatable build and flavor! Handmade with the finest aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos and wrapped in seamless Nicaraguan leaf, this...