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Lane Black Raspberry Bulk Pipe Tobacco 5lb

Lane Limited's Black Raspberry combines their premium quality, rich black Cavendish, made from Green River Burley with a golden Cavendish made from top-notch flue-cured Virginias, and tops it off with an amazingly robust raspberry flavor with one of the...

Lane Partagas Pipe Tobacco | 1.75 OZ TIN

Lane Partagas Pipe Tobacco is hard to classify as it has smoky Cyprian Latakia, but it's not really an English blend. It also contains steamed, fermented black Cavendish, but it's not an aromatic. To these flavorful tobaccos, Virginia and Burley are...

Lane Ready Rubbed (Edgeworth) Pipe Tobacco | 14 OZ TIN

Edgeworth Ready Rubbed is back!For years, there was a familiar dark blue tin and pouch that contained one of the smoothest Burley blends ever. Toward the end of its manufacture, it was made by Lane Limited, but then they couldn't use the name any more...