A.C. Peterson Pipe Tobacco

A.C. Petersen, the hard-to-find and very famous brand, is back! The standard Virginia-perique flake in the most charming and practical presentation. Darkly sweet accompanied by rich, dried fruit flavors. There's nothing not to like, but it is on the full side of weight and flavor. A full tin smoked in a variety of preparations should be tried once by all dedicated pipe smokers.
  • A.C. Peterson Escudo Pipe Tobacco | 1.75 oz Tin

    A.C. Peterson Escudo Pipe Tobacco | 1.75 oz Tin

    A.C. Petersen Escudo is a combination of full-bodied Virginia tobaccos and spicy Perique from Louisiana in a blend that is pressed and matured before it is spun and cut into discs. Escudo is solid pleasing smoke that burns very slowly and appeases the...


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