Bell's 3 Nuns Pipe Tobacco

Bell's Three Nuns is a classic tobacco, coming in a small spun-cut format which matures the Virginias and marries them perfectly with the robust dark-fired tobaccos used. The result is a hearty blend with a deep fruitiness, rich body and a smokiness that rounds out the flavor.
  • Bells 3 Nuns Pipe Tobacco | 1.75 OZ TIN

    Bells 3 Nuns Pipe Tobacco | 1.75 OZ TIN

    Bells 3 Nuns tobacco, dating back to the 19th century, offers a blend of dark-fired, sun-cured, and lighter leafs of Burley from around the world. Rolled into spun discs and fermented in honey, this tobacco produces a famously mellow smoke.

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