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Acid Gold Toast Cigars - 6 x 50 (Box of 24)

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Gold Toast is a popular choice for ACID fans looking for full-bodied flavor and a slightly more traditional taste. A medium-brown Connecticut shade wrapper imparts a toasty and nutty tobacco flavor that dominates yet complements the secret blend of herbs, essential oils, and spices within.

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AH of Detroit, MI Aug 24th 2015


The ACID Toast has become my favorite morning cigar, maybe my favorite over all. I smoke them in the morning at work while we get the bar setup for the day. They start out mellow and sweet with enough spicy flavor to keep things interesting and slowly build to a more creamy, earthy flavor towards the end. The spice notes also get more intense as you smoke and leave a very pleasant taste on your tongue. Also, the aren't a strong cigar; I get a little buzz from them if I smoke on an empty stomach but nothing crazy. The sweetness of the maduro wrapper goes great with my black coffee and keeps me coming back for more, I can't set these things down. My only complaint is that the draw isn't all that great with these but it doesn't bother me much, they last for an hour or more and like I said, I never put them down. The build quality is always perfect and they burn really evenly. All in all I love these things and can't say enough good things about them. If your a fan of ACID cigars or infused cigars period, or your looking for something different, you owe it to yourself to try one of these ACID Toasts. Just awesome.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Length x Ring Gauge:
6 x 50
Number of Cigars:
Medium - Full
Connecticut Shade