Tatiana Trios Petite

Tatiana Trios Petite premium cigars are great for aficionados that love a change of pace from the traditional flavors of non-aromatic cigars. Offered in three mouthwatering flavors, Groovy Blue, Night Cap, and Waking Dream, all three styles of Trios Petite are rolled by hand into a miniature 4 x 30 size with a core of finely aged Cuban-seed long filler and binder tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic all dressed by a top-quality Indonesian wrapper. With all three blends you will enjoy a savory and smooth mellow-medium bodied smoke. Groovy Blue provides an enchanting medley of black Amboise raspberries, vanilla, cognac, and acacia honey, Night Cap is enriched with flavors of cocoa, almonds, and Café Arabica, and Waking Dream mesmerizes the palate with creamy vanilla, hazelnut, and whiskey flavors. Each are available as 5 tins of 10.